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5 Questions Insurance Adjusters Might Ask You

insurance adjuster looking at damage on a car

Pursuing compensation after a severe car accident requires you to go through some of the most challenging situations. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance adjusters can prove difficult, especially if you are unaware of the process and the questions they may ask you.

Large insurance companies often work to protect their profits at the expense of claimants, which is why we recommend that you have an attorney on your side before dealing with any insurance adjuster. However, if you do speak with someone from the insurance company, it’s crucial to recognize some of the questions they may ask you.

Here are five questions insurance adjusters may ask you:

  1. Are you aware this conversation is recorded?
  2. Did you seek medical care for your injuries?
  3. Did you report your accident to law enforcement?
  4. What was your speed while driving?
  5. What was the weather like during your accident?

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1. Are You Aware This Conversation Is Recorded?

Recorded conversations can be dangerous after a crash. As much as you expect insurance adjusters to help you, some prioritize their bottom line over helping those in need. Recorded conversations may be a resource for adjusters to deny a claim or minimize compensation. It’s vital to have a lawyer who can present your case and speak with insurance adjusters on your behalf.

If you speak with insurance adjusters, stick to the facts. The more your insurance adjuster asks about specific details, the more they can use against you.

2. Did You Seek Medical Care for Your Injuries?

Seeking medical care allows you to focus on your recovery while also helping your case. You should see a doctor, even if you are unsure of the extent of your injuries. Latency can play a role, as can adrenaline. If you delay and inform insurance adjusters you were not hurt in the crash, they may use this against you.

3. Did You Report Your Accident to Law Enforcement?

In many situations, you are required to report your accident to local law enforcement. If you don’t, it can significantly impact your case. One reason insurance adjusters may ask if you reported your accident is to minimize how much you may recover. Make sure you have a lawyer so that you can avoid any issues.

4. What Was Your Speed While Driving?

Some insurance adjusters may ask questions to which they already know the answer. They often have statements and reports that indicate a lot of the information they need, but they’ll ask you questions that can impact your case. Make sure you correctly answer every time and keep your statements consistent.

5. What Was the Weather Like During Your Accident?

While the weather can play a significant role in causing an accident, it’s still a driver’s responsibility to ensure they are operating safely for conditions. If a driver is reckless in dangerous weather or fails to maintain their vehicle, it can still create causation, allowing you to file a claim.

At Scott Law Firm, we work to protect you from large insurance companies that try to take advantage of a vulnerable situation. Before moving forward with your car accident claim, be sure to safeguard your rights.

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