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It’s no secret that the oilfield is one of the most dangerous workplaces in Texas and across the nation. Heavy machinery, volatile chemicals, combustible materials, and high-pressure situations make this job more dangerous than most. From falling objects to explosions and fires, the oilfield can be a treacherous place. With that being said, when proper safety regulations in the workplace are being adhered to, workers can get their jobs done safely.

If you have been injured in an oilfield explosion, fire, or another type of accident, you need to speak with a Conroe oilfield injury lawyer at (936) 243-4299 as soon as possible about your claim.

Oilfield Injury Statistics

  • From 2008 through 2017, 1,566 workers perished trying to extract oil and gas in America
  • Companies that service wells employed more than half of all the workers fatally injured
  • In addition to the loss of life, the average on-the-job fatal crash is estimated to cost employers $671,000

Time-Sensitive Cases

Injuries or deaths that happen on the oil patch need to be investigated as soon as possible after the accident. The longer you wait to take proper and thorough investigative measures, the more likely it is that evidence could be destroyed or even hidden. If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in an oil or gas field accident, you need to get with a personal injury attorney who has oilfield case experience as soon as possible. Your oilfield injury attorney can ensure every investigative measure is taken to get to the bottom of what went wrong and how the injury could have been prevented.

Causes of oilfield injuries include:

  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Falling objects
  • Trucking crashes
  • Drilling equipment malfunction
  • Tank or well explosions
  • Electrical fires
  • Chemical burns
  • Derrick explosions
  • Confined spaces
  • Silica exposure
  • Inhalation of toxic chemicals

Burn Injuries on the Oilfield

Burn injuries on the oilfield can be catastrophic for workers and their families. Because workers are often near combustible and highly volatile materials like oil and gas, negligence on the oilfield can cause perilous fires and explosions. Few injuries are as painful as a burn, and recovery can take months or years. Initial treatment is just the tip of the iceberg, as multiple surgical grafting procedures could be necessary over many months, and victims can be left with painful and disfiguring lifelong scars. Long-term hospitalization may be necessary in severe burn cases, and family members may have to quit working if home care is necessary. A burn injury impacts victims and their family members for years to come.

Oil and Gas Commercial Trucking Accidents

The oil and gas transportation industry has also impacted oilfield workers, their families, and local community members. With an increase in large commercial trucking traffic to accommodate the oil and natural gas extraction industry, there has also been an increase in injury-causing and fatal crashes involving semi-truck, tractor-trailers, and other large commercial trucking vehicles associated with oil and gas. Combine heavier commercial trucking traffic and smaller communities without the necessary roadway infrastructure, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Types of oilfield injuries include:

Wrongful Death in the Oilfield

Nothing is worse than losing a family member, and a fatal injury in the oilfield can leave family members and surviving loved ones bereaved and struggling to make ends meet. If you lost a loved one in an oilfield accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Your lawyer can help you to recover damages to cover medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and other costs associated with the loss. Although no amount of money can ever replace your loved one, your lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve to take care of your family and move forward in a positive direction.

After any type of workplace accident in the oil and gas industry, it’s essential to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately. The outcome of your case could rest on how swiftly you seek help from an oilfield injury attorney in Conroe.

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