Pedestrian Accidents

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Many people are choosing walking as their mode of transportation. Unfortunately, there is an element of risk involved when walking in areas where motorists are present. While drivers of cars, trucks, and motorcycles are supposed to share the road and yield the right of way to pedestrians, the reality is that accidents involving negligent motorists and pedestrians are all too common.

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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

In a perfect world, all motorists would be responsible, conscientious drivers who stop at stop signs, signal and glance over their shoulder before merging, and yield to people crossing the road at a crosswalk. In the world we actually live in, driver carelessness and recklessness are daily threats to the safety of pedestrians. That's why Scott Law Firm is a strong advocate for the injured, helping our clients seek justice for accidents that never should have happened in the first place.

We commonly represent pedestrian accident victims in cases involving:

Distracted Driving

Drivers who are not paying attention to the road are some of the most significant risks to pedestrians. It takes about 5 seconds for a driver to read and respond to a text message. After they’re done sending the message, it takes about another 12 to 15 seconds to refocus on the road. As a result, they can cause severe collisions, including those involving pedestrians.

A distracted driver is typically a threat at intersections where many pedestrians are legally crossing the road. Distracted drivers often run red lights and stop signs, so all pedestrians in the area are at risk whenever that happens.

Drunk Driving

Much like distracted driving, drunk driving negatively impacts the driver’s capabilities. It can cause the driver to lose focus, experience reduced reaction time, and become more fatigued. A drunk driver is not just a threat at a crosswalk; they can also cause harm if they swerve towards the sidewalk in their intoxicated state.


Speeding is a big problem on any road, but it becomes especially problematic at intersections. Someone who is speeding might run a red light, putting other drivers and pedestrians in harm’s way. It’s crucial for pedestrians to look as they cross the street and stay clear of someone who might be speeding in their direction.

Driver Impatience

Impatient drivers might roll through stop signs or take off from red lights too soon. They don’t wait, and they can start to drive before pedestrians have finished crossing the street. They might not even look to see if a pedestrian is in the middle of the crosswalk. Unfortunately, when impatience kicks in, pedestrians face numerous risks. They could be the victims of a severe accident.

Left Turns

When someone is turning left, they often pay close attention to the other vehicles coming from the opposite direction. They yield to a solid green light and wait for vehicles to pass so they can turn safely. However, they may not look for pedestrians who are crossing the street.

Drivers should wait for pedestrians. If the pedestrian is walking in the opposite direction, drivers should wait until the pedestrian is halfway across the street. If the pedestrian is walking in the same direction as the driver, the driver should wait for them to cross the street completely before making their turn.

Seeking Justice for Injured Pedestrians & Their Families

If you suffered an injury in a pedestrian accident, you have rights and legal recourse is available. Working with a legal team can help you throughout the process as you seek the compensation you need for your injuries.

Our Woodlands, TX pedestrian accident lawyers at Scott Law Firm care about protecting you during a difficult situation. When you need to hold a negligent driver accountable, you can turn to our team and get tenacious representation every step of the way. Trust that we will stand by your side and go above and beyond for you.

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