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2 Wheel Dangers: What Makes Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents So Dangerous?

man with a helmet in front of a motorcycle

Any accident can be seen as dangerous, especially those that occur at high speed. However, motor vehicles and trucks have large metal frames and seat belts that protect the drivers and passengers within them. Motorcycles and bicycles do not have the same large frames and capabilities to keep people safe, this making any accident with a motorcycle or bicycle much more dangerous.

It’s vital for motorcyclists and bicyclists alike to recognize the dangers around them. While we can continuously provide people with safety tips and ways to drive or ride defensively, it cannot prevent someone else’s negligent actions. In a motorcycle or bicycle crash, the rider can suffer some of the most catastrophic injuries, and seeking compensation is vital.

Here are some of the factors that increase dangers for motorcyclists and bicyclists:

  • Increased risk of ejection
  • Minimal safety
  • Intersection dangers

It’s vital for everyone on the road to respect one another to avoid significant accidents. When someone is negligent on the road, they put others at risk and can cause substantial injuries.

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Increased Risk of Ejection

When a motorcyclist or bicyclist is in a crash, there’s no seatbelt holding them to the vehicle as motorists have. As a result, a significant impact can launch the rider off of the motorcycle or bike. The landing is when many of the most severe injuries occur.

Typically, ejection can result in:

While ejection can occur in any crash, motorcyclists and bicyclists are much more susceptible.

Minimal Safety

Think about what keeps motorists safe. They have seatbelts to strap themselves to their vehicle chair. They also have large metal frames with specifically collapsible areas that lessen the impact of a devastating collision. None of this comes into play for motorcyclists and bicyclists.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists typically only have their helmets and any other specialized clothing they wear to keep themselves safe. However, the most severe accidents can render safety equipment obsolete. A car that T-bones a motorcyclist or bicyclist at an intersection can result in the car crushing the rider’s leg before launching them off their vehicle.

Helmets can only protect you so much. Your brain can rattle within your skull, and the impact is enough to cause severe damage, such as a concussion. A helmet can lessen the effect, but it cannot eliminate the risk.

Intersection Dangers

Many of the accidents that occur with motorcyclists and bicyclists are at intersections. Unfortunately, they occur because of speeding, distractions, and other reckless behavior. Bicyclists are at an increased risk of danger because of the location of the bicycle lane and vehicles turning.

When you consider the numbers, more than 80% of motorcycle accidents result in severe injury. Bicycle accidents account for roughly 2% of fatal vehicle crashes each year. It’s easy to see that the dangers are there, and all drivers should give each other the respect they deserve to keep everyone on the road safe.

At Scott Law Firm, we are well aware of how dangerous it is for motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road. Accidents that occur with motorcyclists and bicyclists can result in catastrophic injuries and leave people suffering for their entire lifetime.

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