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Can You Get PTSD from a Motorcycle Crash?

motorcycle on the ground following a crash

After a motorcycle crash, people can sustain some of the most catastrophic injuries. People suffer road rash, brain injuries, spinal cord damages, broken bones, and more. However, it’s often the mental trauma stemming from a motorcycle accident that is more difficult from which to recover.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often associated with military service members who return home from war. However, it can occur after any traumatic event. A motorcycle accident can leave you with ongoing triggers, emotional stress, fear, anxiety, and more.

Triggers After a Motorcycle Collision

A trigger is anything that reminds accident victims of the events that occurred at the time of the collision. For instance, sights and sounds are enough to trigger someone’s thoughts of the motorcycle accident.

Someone can be walking and hear a loud bang. This event could trigger thoughts of the sound they heard when a car collided with their motorcycle. Similarly, certain smells can reignite memories of the accident and the damages a person sustains because of it.

The Impacts of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress can significantly impact someone’s quality of life. For some, it may result in them never wanting to ride a motorcycle again. For others, it can cause fear, stress, anxiety, and other mental effects.

Those who have PTSD often experience a mental state that can impact family and relationships. It can cause people to avoid social outings or break down when in public. In many cases, the only thing that helps may be ongoing therapy and help from a certified professional.

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